Why Puppetry?

  • Emotional education is much needed yet it is rarely present in everyday school practice

  • A strong emotional basis is necessary for good academic outcomes.

  • Social tensions and conflicts are on the rise and children need to be prepared to deal with the new challenges of the 21st century

  • Growing number of children with special educational needs - lack of time and resources in schools to deal with the challenge

  • Growing number of children with behavioral problems and cases of bullying - schools are struggling with addressing the issue

  • Multicultural societies: children need to be ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st-century society

  • A unique method to develop children's emotional and social competencies while also aiding and empowering their teachers with new techniques and approach

  • It is flexible, adaptable, and tailored to the needs of children, teachers, and parents.

  • We're multilingual: the program is currently available in English, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Our team is made up of professionals with many years of experience and expertise in various fields.

  • We're flexible and mobile: Puppetry is a traveling program. We work with local teams in each country we visit.

  • Cost-effective. A comprehensive program for teachers and children, 2 in 1.

  • Puppetry also aims to become a community and network of teachers and educators who can engage in discussions and reach out for help through our online platform (yet to be developed) and meet-ups.