About Us

Saying that education systems around the world have failed to prepare children to the challenges of a 21st century life and new market demands has become a cliché, whilst most schools continue practices that won't allow space for teaching skills such as innovation, creativity, critical thinking (just to mention a few) nor do they have space for emotional education which is so important to achieve academic results and build a healthy social life.

It's not by accident that more and more people seek to educate their children in alternative schools or at home. On the other hand, we keep waiting for and talking about the advent of an educational reform that will bring about the changes we need. Yet, in spite of all the efforts and outcries, in spite of the demand, there's no clear sign as of when such a reform will take place. What to do then? Thinking of solutions, at Puppetry we figured that we might as well offer an alternative to just waiting. It is not a solution on its own, of course, and has no such ambitions. However, while we wait for the reform to come, Puppetry seeks to enter school systems horizontally and generate small changes from within.


Puppetry offers a bridge between academic research and teaching practice and a way to change our broken education systems from the inside.


Currently, our most important goal is to raise awareness about the importance of a quality education as early as the first years of life and engage professionals and parents in the process of social and emotional education.


We wish to help educators and parents to raise kids who are aware of their own emotions and know proper ways to express those in words and in actions.


We believe that by raising awareness about the importance of socio-emotional development and working on our skills as teacher and parents to develop related skills from an early age can bring about change in our entire society and ease social conflicts.