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At Puppetry, a group of young professionals who act as a consultancy team for schools and parents, we offer tailor-made workshops to build and improve children's socio-emotional skills. In the process, we collaborate with teachers to ensure a long-lasting and productive impact on the life of children and education professionals. 


We reach our goals by applying a series of techniques and resources such as storytelling, the arts, and theatre pedagogy while giving the activities a continuity with the use of puppets.


We work on children's self-esteem, empathy and emotion management and focus on community building. The program is flexible and adaptable to any group of children from preschool to the first years of primary school. It is especially helpful in working with children with Special Educational Needs and can be applied as part of inclusive education programs. 



Alina Karnics

ESL teacher and educator with over 8 years experience in the field. Puppetry was born based on her teaching experience in Brazil. Returning to Europe, she worked on the project at Madrid start-up incubating house Factoría Cultural, and brought together a team of professionals in Budapest in order to guarantee the highest quality in the services provided by Puppetry.


Tímea Virág

A qualified and experienced international school teacher with 12 years teaching background at prestigious schools in England and Switzerland. Timea is committed to the development of inclusiveness, multiculturalism and global awareness across all ages. She delivers lessons in a creative and mindful way by using various teaching tools and addressing the needs of all learners.


Eszter Csillag

Psychologist, parent-child relationship consultant, she is specialized in Early Childhood Education and has been working in international schools and foundations providing care and education to babies, toddlers and young children. In her work, she aids fellow professionals in schools and institutions and she is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and development of all children under her care.


Mother of two young children, she has experience in the field of visual and dramatic arts and specialized in theatre pedagogy. She used to work in summer camps as a facilitator and, for a few years, she also worked as a clown doctor with children and their parents in Hungarian hospitals and child care facilities.

Zsófi Heit


Balázs Várnai

Born in Budapest, he has lived in 5 different countries and speaks many languages. He has at least 3 very good friends, 2 diplomas and 1 cat. Having graduated as a director in Munich, he also has an MA in physical theater in Switzerland and directed a street theater performance with Roma adolescents in Hungary. Today, he brings his expertise as a performer, musician, teacher and tour guide to Puppetry.

Special consultant: 

Dr. Tamás Vekerdy


A Senior Child Psychologist in Hungary, he has specialized in the psychological development of young children and adolescents. He is one of the founders of the Waldorf schools in Hungary and led the Waldorf teacher training program for decades. He is Puppetry's main consultant in Educational and Psychology-related questions.







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